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testimonial.pngJust a note to acknowledge the receipt of my granola. It's always such a delight to me when a new batch arrives! Your granola is such a part of my life. The other day, it dawned on me that I've been enjoying it for over twenty years now!
Pat, Chicago, Illinois

Your granola is world class and I enjoy it every morning. It's getting scary with even higher grain prices, diesel fuel at $3.50 a gallon, tens of thousands of jobs being cut, the stock market tanking. How could I deal with these depressing realities without starting each day with cherry-almond? I couldn't. Thanks again for your lifeline! Thank you most sincerely for your excellent granola, and your equally excellent service. You must promise to stay in business forever, or you will precipitate a terrible crisis of utterly surprising dimensions!
Jay, Yuma, Arizona

I am always on the lookout for food that is both tasty and healthy. One day at the store I read the ingredients and nutrition facts on a bag of "Simply Sunny & Honey" and liked what I saw, so I bought it. When I got home and tried it, I could have eaten the whole bag, it was so good! Other granolas I have tried were either too sweet, too bland, or included chemicals. For me, the level of sweetness in "Sunny & Honey" is perfect; the cinnamon is apparent but not overwhelming; the eight ingredients are basic, natural and complementary; and there are no chemicals. I often have a serving (or two) with a cup of coffee in the afternoon, and sometimes I have a bit before I go to bed. I have found it at only one store in my area, and I'm always afraid that they will stop carrying it...I suppose I could get it shipped....
Laura, Haslett, Michigan

Thank you…thank you…thank you…I love your granola because it isn't too sweet!
Paula, San Antonio, Texas

testiminal-2.pngI am a diabetic and it seems that anything I really find tasty is off limits…but not your wonderful Honey Nutty-Raisin Granola. I sent the label to my dietician and it made her drool. I use it as cereal and add fresh fruit and skim milk. I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy it. Thank you.
Jacki, Manchester, Michigan

Thank you very much for making such a good product. I consider myself to be a good cook, but I cannot even come close to making granola as good as yours-with just the right sweetness and texture. It is so frustrating to see granola sold in the grocery stores as "healthy", but just try to find one without hydrogenated oils or high fructose corn syrup! Your granola is perfect!  Thanks again.
Michelle, Dawsonville, Georgia

My favorite Michaelene's Gourmet Granola™ is Cappuccino Crunch™ because the coffee bean flavor is delicious and I have my granola and caffeine all in one!
Don, Whitefish, Montana

Hi Michaelene!                                                                                                          Thank you for the treats!  What a fun surprise to find those delicious cookies tucked in with our granola order. Your so sweet to send them!  I have often wondered about the joys of your cookies, and now my mouth knows them first hand—if one can have a hand in one’s mouth, though Heaven knows it’s better to have than one’s foot!    As always, your granola brightens our mornings, afternoons, and occasional midnights with joyful flavors.   Thank you for creating such a superior cereal! And cookies!  YUM!                                        Thanks much, Peggy    Ann Arbor, MI